Frinx was founded in 2016 in Bratislava. Frinx consists of a team of passionate developers and industry professionals who want to change the way networking software is developed, deployed and used. Frinx is built by developers and networking professionals who have vast experience with ODL and with developing and deploying network applications in very large scale environments. Frinx empowers IT and networking professionals to use open source based software to change the way application stacks and networking services are developed, deployed and operated. We create success stories, build an ecosystem and solve business problems that can not be solved with proprietary, commercial software alone.

Frinx delivers SW products and services to enable and accelerate the development of applications and networking software. We stand on the shoulders of giants who have created software like OpenDaylight, or PaNDA. Our mission is to build a dependable support system around open source networking software and make it solve real life business problems for a large group of IT and networking professionals.

Frinx delivers a powerful OpenDaylight distribution targeted at end-users and resellers/developers/OEM customers and associated services. We are generating value thru packaging and QA testing of ODL together with additional functionality that we make available to our customers. Frinx offers training on ODL and a comprehensive support model for a broad range of customers. Starting with email support and ranging to a 24x7x365 coverage with dedicated project leaders. Frinx also offers development and consulting services for custom applications.