NEWS: UniConfig ♥ Swagger API! - Frinx

FRINX ODL 3.1.7. is out and we have added a ton of new functionality. We support new CLI and NETCONF capabilities in XR5,6,7, Nexus, JunOS 14, 17,18 and Dasan. We have reduced the size of our distribution for better startup time and we added new OpenConfig models (OSPFv3, probes). Also, we have added Swagger API documentation and GO and Python client libraries for UniConfig to this release.

FRINX ODL Carbon 3.1.7. is out now!

Download FRINX ODL 3.1.7 with UniConfig here (Sign up required):

Check out the release notes for all new features:

Swagger API Docs & Go and Python Client libraries:

Use UniConfig features with a simple application

If you like to start working with UniConfig and Python, check out our LACP bundle application that demonstrates how to create a simple app to use the UniConfig features:

Tame workflow, inventory and network control with no coding

If you have no appetite for coding your own applications, we have FRINX Machine for you. Check it out and use it for workflow, inventory and network control out of the box – no coding skills required:

FRINX Machine Workflow


FRINX Machine Inventory


FRINX Machine UniConfig Control

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