Frinx ODL Distributionsss & Support Options

Frinx delivers an OpenDaylight distribution targeted at end-users and resellers/developers/OEM customers. The Frinx ODL distribution releases are synchronized to the ODL release schedule, offer quality assurance and include additional software only available thru this distribution.

Frinx offers different levels of support to address the business needs of our customers ranging from PoC stages, development periods to support requirements during critical production use of the Frinx ODL distribution. Frinx also offers training, customized consulting as well as development packages to bootstrap, accelerate or implement your ODL and open source based networking projects. Please go to our services section to learn more about Frinx custom development, consulting, training and support services.



Frinx ODL Distribution and Support Services

Frinx ODL Distribution

The Frinx ODL distribution is a curated and tested distribution of OpenDaylight. Each Frinx release passes thru stages of rigorous quality assurance before we make it available to our customers. We also add components and modules that make the Frinx distribution simpler to use and operate compared with other solutions on the market. Take for example the Frinx feature install agent that allows developers and operators to manage ODL features and understand dependencies with ease. The Frinx ODL distribution comes with different license types: Our academic license provides students and academic institutions with full access to the Frinx ODL distribution at no cost. Please contact our team and we’ll work with you to get you set up to access the software. Commercial users can download and start using the Frinx ODL distribution immediately with a 30 day trial license. After 30 days, you have the option to purchase a perpetual commercial license for your installation. The license is a one time cost of $5000 per server node. For questions and orders please reach out to our team



Frinx Feature Installer


Frinx Feature Installer – Dependency Graph

Frinx ODL Base Support

The Frinx ODL Base Support option allows for unlimited SW upgrades for the duration of the support contract (12 months). Support is available via our support portal. Our support team will get back to you no later than next business day. Customers choose this support package during development periods where they need occasional support and next business day response time fits their needs during those phases of their projects. For base support pricing please contact our team at

Frinx ODL Production Support

The Frinx ODL Production Support option includes all components of the Base Support package with the following additions: You have access to email and phone support available 8×5 during CET business hours and our support team will get back to you no later than 4 hours after you have contacted us. Please contact our team for 24×7 support options and more options regarding SLAs. Customers choose this support package when they operate the Frinx ODL distribution in production and critical network resources and service revenue depends on the uptime of their Frinx ODL instances. For production support pricing please contact our team at

A detailed description of FRINX services and support options can be found in the Frinx Master Service Agreement. Please contact us at