Frinx Customs Consulting, Development & Support Options

In addition test2 here to the support options available together with the Frinx ODL distribution, Frinx also offers bespoke development, consulting and support services for custom solutions.

frinx_custom_services01 Frinx Premium Support The Frinx Premium support option enables customers to acquire support for custom software applications. This can include applications and components developed by our customers, third parties or applications developed by Frinx. For customer and third party developed applications a review together with the Frinx team is required to jointly plan and decide the best support option for our customers. Premium support also includes a single point of contact in the Frinx team that is trained to understand the customer environment and applications. Customers have email and phone support available 8×5 during CET business hours and our support team will get back to you no later than 4 hours after you have contacted us. There is no limit of cases. Please contact our team for 24×7 support and more options regarding SLAs. Customers choose Premium support when they operate the Frinx ODL distribution in production with custom applications and have critical network resources and service revenue depend on the uptime of their ODL applications or related open source networking components. For questions about Premium support options and pricing please contact our team at FRINX Premium Support Plus – Bespoke Consulting and Development Frinx offers consulting and development packages to address customer needs ranging from solution architecture, evaluation of detailed software implementation choices to actual development of ODL applications and related open source networking components. We offer consulting packages including 10 consultant days each and developer packages including 21 developer days each. For Premium Plus options and pricing please contact our team at Frinx Training Frinx offers training classes for ODL developers and operators. Training is held in virtual classrooms and in physical locations. A minimum of 10 seats is required to hold a training at your location. Frinx offers and develops the following classes ( O: Recommended for operators, D: Recommended for developers): * O: ODL Administration & Operation * D: Intro to ODL GUI Development (Angular, Maven, OSGI, DLUX) * D: Writing your first ODL APP * OD: Intro to TOPO processing framework * D: ODL Advanced Application Design and Implementation * D: ODL Advanced Architecture Training * OD: ODL System Test and Deployment * OD: ODL High Availability * OD: Intro to Yang O: Recommended for operators, D: Recommended for developers

Why customers choose Frinx Products and Services


Why customers choose Frinx products and services